We won't have a t-shirt for this year: we want you to wear one of yours from prior years. We want to see a collection of ALL of them on our wonderful volunteers.

We're THRILLED that Bluesie, Janice Emory and her husband's beautiful lady, will be with us for the Parade. Thank you, Janice, our Network member Northwest Logo Products.


Sunday June 26, 11:00AM - 3:00PM + assembly and leave-taking

Starts at 4th & Pike and ends at 2nd Ave & Denny Way: our exact starting location TBD.





The Network has a long history at Pride. Enjoy these memories with us - please browse our Pride pages! We are always grateful to our volunteers. We request, PLEASE, that volunteers who march with us during Pride, or help us at any other event, adhere to the following Guidelines.